The No Tiene Remedio series of 10 photographs were born from the encounter with work I was meant to do and the dream I got lost in. There is a possibility of extending the relationship of conciseness, certain facts and photographic projections of the self into the third dimension. No Tiene Remedio, it has no remedy, hardly. It is the conjunction of our present state that becomes photographs tracing and / or mimicking recurring patterns, transports, as if on a sine wave of memory, glance and altered sequence between the top and bottom of colored reflections, impermanence, time as fractured light. The human observing a fire of color.
On the prints, these wave patterns are caused by light from the late afternoon - which, begins to fade, pushing the color density, the bomb and gives it's particular visual poem, another boundary between the two revealed in color and digital separation.
In the mythology of this work, the single captured images are emerging moments, authors of the feelings yet to come in curves with no return. The amplitude of their given route the journey . For me the ardent hunting a trophy of a visual artifact.

enrique cubillo 2012